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What if I were the one to facilitate the change in your life you so much wished for?

Hello Gorgeous Powerful Being, my name is Maria La Riva and I am so grateful you found my web site. From now on, as Gary Douglas says "All of life will come to you with ease, joy and glory"  . 

I have already done all the research and work for you. I found shortcuts you can use without any strain or big effort from your part; they work!  I will show you the powerful person you knew you could be.

My studies with various masters, facilitators and doctors around the world, has led me to wanting to help others recover from fear, sickness, depression and stress.  I hope you use the knowledge I have gained throughout my life to create a most unimaginable life for you.

I have a toolbox ready to share with you. My tools are extremely powerful! 

Sessions can be done over the phone or Skype. This type of work is so powerful it does't have any frontiers!

So if you are falling apart or stuck in life and don't know what to do, know that I am extending my hand to you to guide you. My help is only a phone call or an email away. I am that close!

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  • Have you tried many techniques to clear the issues in your life with no success?

  • Are you still having the same issue that keeps bothering you over and over again?

  • Are you ready to dissolve this repeating story?

  • Do you want to be present and bring into conscience and life the miracles that you are supposed to have?

  • Have you often thought that there must be something else out there?

  • How much of your life you spend doing rather than receiving? 

  • Do you want an ever lasting consciousness?

  • Is it time for something different? Is it time for something greater? Is it time for you, as you truly are, to show up?

If you responded YES to any of these questions then you are in the right place.

I have been helping ordinary people lead extraordinary lives. Through my unique multi-modal approach to personal development, you can discover entire new panoramas of possibility for (and within) yourself and then learn how to transform the person you are, today, into the potent, capable person you've secretly dreamed of becoming.

So, if you're tired of constantly having the same kinds of experiences show up in your life again and again, call me or email me & begin your journey to

The You You Can Be.®


The investment in you… One whole day of mini retreat Only $300 and 1/2 price if taken within a year. Children under 15 are free and very welcome!

Classes being offered monthly:
Access Consciousness BARS

Being and having the wealthy energy through CHOCOLATE - May 19

Creation Gifting and Receiving - TBA

BARS Gifting and Receiving - 


Access BARS Class - June 4

FREE ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE Workshop - March in Winter Park Library

1. mp3 of recorded questions to  dramatically change your life.

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  • Thank you for showing me how "living in the questions" can change my life. I am amazed at the effect it has had in helping release several of the blocks that had been holding me down for a long time. CB

  • As a spiritual counselor myself,  I have tried several different tools over the years for self development, however, none have worked so quickly, easily and effortlessly as using the questions with the Bars!  I noticed an almost immediate shift in several aspects of my life on physical and spiritual level. I am still experiencing positive changes on a daily basis while I ask the questions and am anxiously awaiting my next session.        Christine Mertin,  M.A. in Counseling

  • After receiving the BARS I had a clearer  and faster understanding of what I was working on with my therapist . I had a clearer view of my life and where to go from there. I started attracting what I needed to make my life better. Great Ideas and good people started to show up"                   -Andrea, Boca Raton,FL