Maria F. La Riva


Maria F. La Riva lived in 3 continents, gathering experience in international trade, psychology and managing companies such as the Palm Beach Polo Club Stadium.

Connecting with people, writing and facilitating workshops was what brings her to life. “My life was not only roses, I also went through pretty harsh times,” she says. “I know, I’ve been there” is her most common sentence when coaching. People feel at ease with her, knowing she can understand them from personal experiences and think that if she could come to a tranquil state of mind being successful, then they would also be able to.

Her first book ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE: This time you will! Expresses ideas that she learned with Access Consciousness and is the base of her success. She applies these theories to empower people all around the world to be the power they are through questions. Her book is being sold in all continents changing people’s life only after having read just a few pages “And that is a great satisfaction” she comments.

No matter what your life experience have been or your spiritual background, She would prove that you are that joyful, infinite being she talks about.

Why Maria?

Most of us would know who Coco CHANEL is. People would ask her manager "Why CHANEL?" and he would answer: "Because she is the only one that wears the clothes she makes!"

It looks like I decided to go through many things in life. Why me? Because most probably I have gone through what you are going through and have come out of it feeling every time stronger than before and most important: I have found short cuts! Short cuts to the unsuccessful spiritual techniques and to undo our blurry past and disturbing present. If you are having therapy sessions, having your BARS run will speed up the process. My short cuts go directly to the root of the problem energetically, quickly and effectively, and the effects are life-changing and for ever lasting. Through a simple, one-hour BARS session, the pains of our past and the disturbances of our present can be healed, leaving a feeling of complete restoration and renewed hope for a peaceful and prosperous future.

I am an Ordained Minister and I am certified in Reiki and Access BARS Facilitator.